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5 Working-Class Money Burdens

Posted by Unity in Action Magazine on November 25, 2016 at 6:20 PM

5 Working-Class Money Burdens

Unity in Action Magazine

Working-class families struggle financially to make things work.  Essential needs become stressful burdens, as they try to make a normal life for their families.  There are 5 money burdens that low to middle income working-class families in small cities continue to struggle with.

1. PRICES RISE EVERY YEAR, BUT WAGES DON’T- This simply do not make sense. The economy would do better if people had more money to spend. You have to scratch the back that scratches yours.

2. HOUSING PRICES-  The prices are outrageous for a working-class family.  In a small college town like Champaign-Urbana, rent prices on-campus are causing prices off-campus to rise as well.

In the small-city of Urbana, most of the students that attend the University of Illinois are from other large cities or overseas. They can afford the higher rent prices, but the hard-working families in the local community cannot.

3. CREDIT SYSTEM-  The banking system keeps reminding us that they are not really on our side. As soon as home prices dropped, the credit score requirements went up making it harder for struggling Americans to buy a home.  Therefore, many people are paying $700 per month for rent, yet are getting turned down for $500 per month home mortgages.

4. EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION-  Racial discrimination in the workplace is more prevelant than gender discrimination and little is being done about it. Many of companies are not hiring or quick to fire minorities and gay people.  If you are racially discriminated against at work or on the streets, there is one thing that experience has taught us- they are going to cover it up, it won’t get properly investigated, and you can’t find or afford a good attorney in your town that will fight for you.

5. UTILITIES-  Lights, gas, and water bills are continuing to rise at a faster pace than wages.  It is as if,  having lights in your house is a luxury- NO it is not!

You have to have lights on to keep your kids- so, it is essential. That is, if you are living in a house with no lights or running water DCFS may take your kids saying that you are an unfit parent.

If we can help working-class families it will help America as a whole.  We are all in this together.

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