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Have a Felony? Consider Starting Your Own Business

Posted by [email protected] on November 14, 2012 at 11:50 PM

Shanna McGuire, Owner of McGuire Janitorial Services shared her testimony and spoke inspiring words of encouragement to the newly formed Citizens of Conviction group.


Shanna McGuire is a successful business owner that employes 30 people, does business not only locally, but on the State and Federal level. She is also a active church Reverend and volunteer. But, her life was not always on this fast track forward. It was going just the opposite. McGuire said her life of crime was based on the need to make money to live. Her first felony was for a bad check. While incarcerated she was accused of scratching a police officer. Instead of arguing the case she accepted another felony charge, so that she could get out of jail.


McGuire says, “I was the first person to be featured in The News Gazette's Most Wanted. I have now been featured three times for my business accomplishments.”

In her testimony she spoke of the challenges that persons with felonies face trying to live rehabilitated lives after they have done their time. But, she said no matter what don't go back, keep moving forward in a positive direction.


McGuire shared advice for the over 2 million Americans with felonies:


1. Stay busy. Keep doing positive things that can help you.

2. Be persistent. Don't just fill out the application and turn it in, follow up several times on the application.

3. Stop complaining. We have to make a way to move forward. We have to deal with the situation we are in the best that we can.

4. Instead of waiting for someone to give you a job, create a job for yourself. Start your business with research. Find out the facts and identify the resources to help you.

5. Be thankful. Though it is hard find thanks in the little things. Thanks to be free.

6. Ask for help.

7. Volunteer. This is a good way to restore your good name in the community.

8. Don't turn around. There are too many good things on the other side.

9. Stand under pressure.

10. Be totally honest on your application.

11. Read the fine print carefully to see if it applies to you.

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