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I BELIEVE, We Must Stand Together for Love, Peace, and Unity.

Posted by [email protected] on November 14, 2012 at 1:10 PM

After graduating from the University of Illinois with a BA in Economics, I took a high paying job as District Manager of a grocery chain. After working an average of 55 hours per week, it didn't take me long to testify that money can't buy you happiness. I would rather live with a purpose- GOD'S Purpose.


I prayed to be his slave, while in tears at one of my weakest points. I had no idea the level of spiritual warfare that I was up against. I lost everything in a house fire, persecuted by those I loved, had years of work destroyed several times, and still living in poverty just to name a few. I believe GOD made me a witness to life struggles, so that I have gained compassion and understanding.


I believe GOD has given me an assignment to help improve social and economic conditions. Racism, injustice, & greed are threatening the strong fabric of our nation. Today our nation is at a crossroad. Our fore-father's led us through with the trust of GOD in their hearts, not hate. We must not look back but stand together and move forward to help improve our economy, end the suffering, and restore faith in the American dream.

Most American's have one thing in common, we just want to provide for our family, worship, and live in peace. African-American communities have been living in a state of depression and recession for decades before America's 2007 economic meltdown. Mainstream media does a poor job of portraying African-American and poor people, which perpetuates negative stereotyping that feeds racially motivated actions. I want to change this. After Obama's election the reality of just how much racism and economic class is still operating within our system once again surfaced as being undeniable. What also surfaced is the masses who believe that the new generation of Americans has moved beyond race enough to realize that it is just a bunch of rich, selfish people isolated from the diversity of America and too ignorant to see the power behind Unity. There is enough for all of us...stop the oppression, stop the greed, stop the hate.



We as American's have to prove to the world that democracy works for the masses of the people in the country. Not just the people that happen to make it to the polls that day. In all of our advancements in technology when are we going to create a more 21st Century approaches to voting. For those that think that we are still in the “Jim Crow” era and parents raising their kids to judge people by the color of their skin need a reality check. You are NOW the minority.








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